Hahdhunmathi Bus Service inaugurated

The inauguration ceremony of Handhumathi link road bus service was held in Laamu Fonadhoo on Friday.

Minister for Economic Development Mohamed Saeed was the chief guest of the ceremony. Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China His Excellency Zhang Lizhong, Parliament member of Fonadhoo constituency Abdul Raheem Abdulla was also present at the event.

Speaking in the ceremony, minister Saeed said that Handhunmath bus service will be one of the best public transport service in the country and that the Hahdhunmathi bus service will make new jobs in Hahdhunmathi region.

CEO Ibrahim Abdul Razzaq Haleem said that MPL will try to provide a quality service for the people of Hahdhunmathi. CEO Haleem also highlighted that MPL will provide the bus service without any interest in making a profit.

The bus service of hahdhunmathi link road will be conducted by MPL. The bus service operations started on Saturday, with 4 buses. Hahdhunmathi bus service will cover the 17.8 km long Hahdhunmathi Link road, which is the biggest road in the Maldives.