We have extended our online services – Express container shifting requests can now be made online.

We are extending our online services to request for express shifting container requests beginning From Tuesday – 04 July 2018. Hence, mail requests for express shifting container requests will be stopped as well.

With this service extension:

    1. Express shifting request for containers will be carried on from online customers (consignees) portal.
    2. Users may select express shifting request session for express requests.
    3. Express requests will only be available for next day, with requests made within the session period (express session – 09:00 hrs to  14:00 hrs).
    4. Express requests may be approved on availability of slots, where all requests may not be accepted.
    5. Users will see the status for their requests in the user portal.
    6. Users will be able to pay for express requests only when their requested container is shifted to clearing area.
    7. Payments will be accepted with endorsement of an internally used slip for final verification, which is supervised from our clearing service counter.
    8. Consignees or clearing parties will be able to clear their cargo once after payment has been made.
    9. Express service requested containers must be cleared immediately after the container is available for clearance. These containers will incur re-shifting charges and will not be kept for an additional day if not cleared on same date.

Below are some screen shots for your guidance on making express shifting requests online.


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