CEO Haleem wins international award

CEO Ibrahim Abdul Razzaq Haleem was been awarded “CEO of the Year – Infrastructure and Logistical Industry” at the 3rd South Asian Partnership Summit and Business Excellence Award.

In the Gala Event held in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 29th October 2017, CEO Haleem collected the award, which is aimed at celebrating the work of outstanding business institutions and personnel in South Asian Region.

The South Asian Partnership Summit and Business Excellence Awards is organized by world HRD congress and endorsed by Asian Confederation of Business Council.

MPL offers free transportation service to people with special needs / disabilities

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) has decided to offer free transport services for people with special needs and disabilities, in the areas in which MPL transportation services are in place.

This initiative is under the government’s efforts to provide convenient transportation services for citizens from around the country.

MPL provides public bus service in Addu, Fuvahmulah and Laamu Atoll. Ferry services are provided in Addu and Fuvahmulah.

To provide free transportation service to people with special needs and disabilities, MPL will open the registration process on 1ST November. Once the registration is complete, a card will be provided for the applicants and they will be eligible for free transportation service.

Transportation service is a CSR initiative of MPL. Senior Citizens and children under 2 years of age are already offered free transportation services.

MPL gives utmost importance to people with special needs and disabilities, to connect with government’s policy towards people with special needs and disabilities. MPL has already provided many job opportunities for people with special needs and disabilities.

Agreement signed with Oredoo to provide VPN and lease line

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) has today signed a service agreement with Ooredoo Maldives, to provide VPN and lease line to MPL.

In a ceremony held at MPL head office, CEO Ibrahim Abdul Razzaq Haleem signed the agreement on behalf of MPL. CEO Najib Khan signed the agreement on behalf of Ooredoo.

Speaking in the ceremony CEO Haleem said that the establishment of VPN, will improve the service of MPL as the regional departments and the head office will be connected through one network.

CEO Najib Khan said this project will improve the relationship between MPL and Ooredoo, and that Ooredoo will give importance for providing a quality service.

Hahdhunmathi Bus Service inaugurated

The inauguration ceremony of Handhumathi link road bus service was held in Laamu Fonadhoo on Friday.

Minister for Economic Development Mohamed Saeed was the chief guest of the ceremony. Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China His Excellency Zhang Lizhong, Parliament member of Fonadhoo constituency Abdul Raheem Abdulla was also present at the event.

Speaking in the ceremony, minister Saeed said that Handhunmath bus service will be one of the best public transport service in the country and that the Hahdhunmathi bus service will make new jobs in Hahdhunmathi region.

CEO Ibrahim Abdul Razzaq Haleem said that MPL will try to provide a quality service for the people of Hahdhunmathi. CEO Haleem also highlighted that MPL will provide the bus service without any interest in making a profit.

The bus service of hahdhunmathi link road will be conducted by MPL. The bus service operations started on Saturday, with 4 buses. Hahdhunmathi bus service will cover the 17.8 km long Hahdhunmathi Link road, which is the biggest road in the Maldives.

MPL celebrates International Day of Older Persons

Maldives Ports Limited has celebrated the International Day of Older Persons.

In a event held in MPL head office, elderly staff who are currently working in MPL were given a certificate and a gift pack.

Speaking at the ceremony, CEO Ibrahim Abdul Razzaq Haleem said that the elderly staff has contributed to the development of the company within the past 30 years, and the company appreciates the work of the elderly staff.

“Most people here have worked in this company for a long period of time. In modern times, we don’t see people who are committed to one organization for a long period. Almost all of the elderly staff in this company has worked in this company for about for 15 or 20 years. We must admire the commitment of the elderly staff,” CEO Haleem said.

Charity futsal match played to raise funds for Rohingya Muslims

Maldives Ports Limited and Maldives Customs Service has organized charity futsal matches to help Rohingya Muslims.

Two charity matches were played in Kuda Henveiru turf ground on 22nd September. First match was played between MPL

Senior management and Customs Senior Management. MPL senior management won the match by 4-3.

The second match was played between MPL women’s team and Custom women’s team. MPL won the match.

A total of 103,000 was raised through selling of match jerseys only. Also additional funds were raised through fund boxes and selling of lucky draw tickets.

The event to help Rohingya Mulsims organized by Customs and MPL was very successful.

CEO Haleem briefs media regarding port operations

CEO Ibrahim Abdul Razzaq Haleem briefed the media regarding port operations.

Several media personal attended the media gathering held at MPL. CEO Abdul Razaaq briefed the media about port operations and procedures during the month of Ramadan.

Speaking to the media CEO Haleem highlighted that MPL will make the maximum use of resources during the month of Ramadan and will speed up the operations, especially when unloading perishable cargo.

Iftar held for staff and port workers / Lorry drivers

The management of MPL hosted “Iftar” for the staff of employees and the port workers (majoreen) / lorry drivers.

The Iftar for employees and port workers / Lorry drivers was held separately on two days.

Several employees attended the Iftar hosted for the employees.

Port Workers / Lorry drivers Iftar was also attended by several port workers. This was the first time a special Iftar was hosted by MPL for the port workers / lorry drivers.

CEO Abdul Razzaq Haleem attended the Iftar receptions.


Annual General meeting held

The annual general meeting of 2017 was held in Hotel Jen on 17th June 2017.

During the annual general meeting, the directors report and staff bonus was ratified. Also the auditors for 2017 was also appointed.

The annual general meeting was followed by a “Tharaavees” hosted by the board of MPL for senior management and special invitees.

North Port Cafe’ at Meeru Bahuru Harbor opened

North Port Café’ at Meeru Bahuru Harbor was officially opened on Friday night.

The café’ was officially opened by minister of Economic Development, Mr. Mohamed Saeed in a ceremony held on Friday night to celebrate the successful 3 years of HEP Abdulla Yaameen’s regime.

North Port Café is managed by MPL Co, the cooperative society of MPL. The cafe’ is open to the public, and offers a unique experience with its location in the heart of Male’ commercial harbor.

MPL Co is a brainchild of MPL’s CEO Mr.Mohamed Junaid. MPL Co was formed this year, and currently MPL Co manages a retail shop and Jugo joint in Meeru Bahuru Harbor.