“To serve as a catalyst to enhance trade and commerce in the nation and in the region”

The Management of Maldives Ports Limited is committed to operating the company at maximum efficiently by implementing integrated programs for planning, development, financing and port operations. The company is committed to the nation to provide safe and economically viable service to the public and ship owners for the movement of goods.


“To provide efficient port and port related services to facilitate trade and commerce in the region by adhering to international best practices”

Core Values
  • Our highest priority is to focus on what matters most to our customers, our people and our country.
  • We reach out to deliver exceptional services, safe working conditions and continuous improvement.
  • Our strength is working and persevering as one.
Objectives of the Company
    • Being a profitable business enterprise, providing safe, efficient port services to port users.
    • Formulating corporate governance policies, procedures and codes to assist the Board in the exercise of its duties and responsibilities and to serve the best of Maldives Ports Limited and its stakeholders.
    • Establishing¬†a reputation for quality by maintaining the highest possible technical, operating and service standards.
    • Responding to the needs of customers by continual assessment and development of the ports of the Maldives.
    • Maintaining a friendly¬†environment, recognizing port users as the basis for the existence of the ports.
    • Achieving a satisfactory return on shareholders funds and maintaining a sound policy of adequate retention of earnings for future growth.
    • Establishing economically viable port related services.
    • Harmonizing the development and operations in ports and port land areas with protection of the environment
    • Ensuring that all operations in ports and all port land areas are conducted safely
    • Operating commercially as a financially self-sufficient and autonomous body
    • Ensuring that all income collected and expenditure incurred by MPL are properly accounted for
    • Developing a skilled and an efficient work force able to achieve the objectives of the Company
    • Providing advice and assistance to the government in the formulation of a National Ports Policy and in planning and administrative matters and otherwise in relation to any matter concerning ports or port land areas