Maldives Customs and Port Immigration are located within close proximately to Male’ Commercial Harbour.

The following is a notification issued by Maldives Customs Service to vessels calling at Male’ Commercial Harbour.
– All ships are requested to submit a port clearance, cargo manifests, passenger and crew lists and any other relevant documents.
– Departure time should be notified and Port Clearance should be obtained before leaving the Male’ Commercial Harbour.
– All visitors, ships officers, crew, and passengers are requested to use the jetty at Male’ Commercial Harbour when embarking or disembarking the island of Male’

CUSTOMS ALLOWANCES: Items of total value not exceeding MRF. 6000.00 will be exempted, excluding wine, spirits, etc. for each crew member.

Prohibited Items 

Following is a list of items that are prohibited to bring to Maldives (except for the use of the state):
– Any type of gunpowder
– Weapons of War
– Intoxicants and other illegal drugs

Articles carried by foreign distinguished personnel signifying their ranks, titles or honors and other items carried in connection with such ranks, titles or honors by those who accompany such distinguished guests shall be exception to this rule.

Following are prohibited to import without a permit from the concerned Authorities (except for the use of the state):
– All forms of poisons and sulfuric acid
– Nitrates
– Dangerous animals
– Alcoholic drinks
– Dogs
– Pigs and pork
– Statues used for worship

Following are totally prohibited items to import to Maldives. 
– Phonograph materials

Note: In addition to items stipulated in this regulation the Head of Maldives Customs Service can withhold any items, the import of which in his opinion shall be prohibited and bring the matter to the notice of the Ministry of Trade and Industries. The final settlement will be in accordance with the decisions of the Ministry of Trade and Industries.