Foreign Trade Vessels are not allowed to enter Male between 2300-0600hrs

Fire Precautions

Smoking is strictly prohibited in port premises including sheds. Any hot work while in the anchorage or berth may be carried out only after written approval from the Port Management


  1. Permission should be obtained from Ministry of National Defence Force to bring the following items into the Maldives.
      1. Dogs.
      2. Dangerous animals.
      3. All forms of poisons, chemicals, sulphuric acid.
      4. Fog signals and fire crackers.
      5. Pyrotechnics (except for the use of the ship as per SOLAS Requirement).
      6. Spear guns.
  2. Ships carrying the following are required to obtain permission from the Ministry of Defence and National Security to enter or transit through the Maldives:
      1. Weapons of war.
      2. Gun powder.
      3. Explosives.
  3. Ships carrying stowaways are not allowed entry into any Maldivian ports without prior permission.
  4. Completely prohibited items:
      1. Materials contradicting the principles of Islam.
      2. Idols used for workshop.
      3. Pornographic materials.
      4. Pigs.
      5. Narcotics and psychotropic substances.
      6. All the vessels arriving at Male Harbour will be inspected by the Coast Guard

Coast Guard Watch 
Coast Guard maintains a 24 hour watch on channel 16. All vessels will be boarded by Coast Guard for National Security Inspection.

The port is complied with ISPS Code on 22nd June 2004.   All vessels calling at Male’ Port must comply Port circular
No. MPA/HC/EC/2004/02.
Port Facility Security Officer & Harbour Master Capt. Ahmed Rasheed
Tel: +960-332 7883/ +960-777 1966