This program includes 12 modules leading to a Diploma in Modern Port Management certificate, providing middle managers with a full understanding of modern port management. Participants who have successfully completed the program will have their qualification approved by Maldives Qualification Authority.

Objective of the course

At the end of the training, participants will have improved their port management skills.

They will be able to:

    • Assess the current and future role of a commercial port
    • Define users’ requirements
    • Master daily tasks
    • Contribute to the improvement of port efficiency
    • Explain the role and functions of an innovative port that integrates the future needs of the port community

Academic Requirement

20 years old and one pass in a Lower Secondary Exam and 1 year work experience or

Two passes in Higher Secondary Education or MNQF level 4 qualifications.

Modules Includes:

    1. International trade and transport
    2. The Organization of a port system.
    3. The Functioning of a port system.
    4. Occupational Health and safety management.
    5. Future challenges of the port.
    6. Methods and tools of modern management in ports.
    7. Economic and commercial management.
    8. Administrative and legal management.
    9. Technical management and development of human resource.
    10. The container Terminal and international trade
    11. Measuring container terminal performance.
    12. Analysis and review of container terminal performance.

Duration: 1 year

Course Fee: MRF 30,000