Collect Shipping Documents from Shipping Agents/ freight Forwarders

Required Shipping Documents includes

• Bill of Lading (BL)

• Packing List

• Commercial Invoice

Option 1:

  • Fill customs form set from Online Portal  [ or ]

Option 2:

  • Fill Customs form set through a Custom Broker

Choose a Customs Broker and have to make agreement with the Broker and register to MCS (One Time) Custom Broker – Reservoir Maldives Please go to MSC website for broker details

To be considered:

  • Submit BL, Commercial Invoice and Packing List to Broker or MCS
  • Check the packing list for the details required
    1. give correct measurement
    2. weight and quantity (Example: Cotton glove “CU”(No.13) (400g) (1x50doz))

Once the Documentation Process completed, Submit the invoice and pay charges to MCS finance Counter


  • Documentation fee
  • Custom Duty (if applicable)

Collect DO from Shipping Agent/Fright Forwarder

Charges: Depends on the Agent/Freight Forwarder.

Customer has to pay the relevant charges

  • DO charge

To be considered:

  1. Delivery order (DO) is owned by Ship Agent/Freight Forwarder
  2. DO information has to be same as BL information else amendment charge may incurred
  3. Cargo has to be cleared before expiry date given in the DO
  4. If Date expired, it is required to amend the date from Ship Agent/Freight Forwarder
  5. If date is expired MPL will not accept the DO for cargo clearance

Pay H/W charges through Payment Gateway or Have to pay H/W charges to MPL FIN

Counter (port building)

To be considered:

  •  Submit DO to the MPL counter for the payments
  • Please check the DO against the BL if any mismatch information
  • Any change in the mandatory fields in BL is charged for Amendments

How to make  OSR

  • Login to
  • Select Shifting Request from left menu
  • Select the date from top left drop box that you want clear the cargo
  • Check session time displayed on right corner as below image
  • If TEU are available, than start your request
  • Select the container you want clear under “Containers” section (make sure container is discharged)
  • Select container from “To Be requested “and fill the form
  • And make a request in the session time (before session expires) or before remaining TEUs get zero
  • The successful request result will be in the “Requests “ section

How to register in the portal?

  • Go to
  • Select Register from login page
  • Fill the form
  • Upload company registration copy for companies
  • Upload ID for personal
  • Submit the form

User name and a password will be sent to the mail address you have given in the

form. Once you receive the credential, change the password at the first login


  • Submit DO to MPL Clearance counter to start cargo Clearing procedure
  • DO submission is usually submit by a Customs Broker or Clearing Agent and they will take care of all procedures and works up to cargo delivery
  • Clearing Agent (Majoorin) are registered in MPL for cargo clearing work

If Any applicable charges should be paid to MPL fin counter or pay through MPL Payment Gateway – [ ]

  • Demurrage – exceeding 10 days in the port
  • Power Charge – according to MPL Tariff,
  • Amendment Charge – according to Amendment Procedure,
  • Re-measurement charge – goods that are required to measure go to MPL Tariff
  • Quay wall charges
  • Re-Shifting charges – if a container is requested more than one
  • Express Charges – for container express service

Go to

  • MPL Tariff
  • Amendment Procedure
  • Customs officer or respective agency will check the Cargo and approve the shipment for clearance
  • If any problem found in the cargo, Customs officer or relevant agency will hold the cargo for further checking or for detention
  • Cargo will be loaded to vehicle and vehicle will be released from gate. A GatePass (include cargo information) willbegenerated for each vehicle
  • Companies can use their own vehicle to carry their cargo or request from Vehicle Queue