Male’ Commercial Harbor

MCH is the main port in the Maldives and the core international maritime gateway into the Maldives.

It is located at the North-West Corner of Malé Island, the Capital of the Maldives. The current port has a quay length of 102m with a depth of CD -9.25 meters. Additionally, the port has a barge quay on both the east and west-end of the port of approximately 75m in length, with a depth of -6.5m.
All port activities, from docking, clearing all the way to storage are provided from the MCH facility. The services and activities provided from the MCB are extensive, including the port yards, harbor basins, wharves, and anchorages.

Available Services

ApproachesExcept in very heavy rain in the S.W monsoon, the visibility is good and landfall can be made easily. The 25-story tower southwest of Male' in position: Lat 04° 10.35N Long. 73° 30.11E. is visible at a distance of 30 nautical miles. The aerial tower of Vilingili island is also visible for approaching vessels. Vessels approaching Male' port should contact Harbor control on VHF channel 10 two hours prior to arrival at Bodukalhi pilot boarding ground (Lat 04° 16.0N Long. 073° 34.0E). All vessels are required to keep their AIS (Automatic Identification System) on at all times.
Bodukalhi PassageBodukalhi passage, the best and widest entrance to the lagoon of Male' atoll, lies between Kanduoigiri and Lankanfinolhu 1 ¾ miles NNE; the channel is about 1 ¼ miles wide between the reefs. There are depths of about 50 meters in the deepest part of the fairway which lies 6 cables south of Lankanfinolhu and about 3 cables clear of its reef; a bank with depths of 10 meters or less extends 5 cables into the entrance north from Furanafushi (2.252). Bodukalhi Passage is 8 cables wide at its outer end and has a depth of 40 meters in the fairway. Male Viligili passage (MAA THILA PASSAGE) is another safe passage for entrance to Male' anchorage for vessels of draft less than 3.5 meters. Mariners should exercise caution when using this channel as a shoal of 5.0 meters lies in the center of the channel.
Giraavaru East ChannelGiraavaru Irumathee Kandu (04° 11.0N, 073° 24.50E) is an easily discernible channel, with a least depth of 46 meters in the middle of its fairway and can be used during daylight hours as there are no navigational light beacons in the channel.
Mooring3 Head line to shore Bollard 70t and 2 Astern Line to shore Bollard 70t
Cruise VesselsPassenger vessels are handled at anchorage
Number of berths availableNone
Specialized Cargo FacilitiesNo Ro-Ro berths. Containers and conventional cargo are handled at Berth and at Anchorage.
Tanker FacilitiesTanker terminal is available at Funadhoo and Thilafushi Island. Vessels below 15000 tons displacement and draft of 8.0m can be handled at these berths. Tankers are also handled at anchorage, and ship-to-ship transfer is possible for large vessels.
LPG/LNG FacilitiesGas Tankers (LPG) terminal is available at Thilafushi Island two terminal one STO PLC Terminal and one Vila gas terminal. Vessels length 130m and draft 8 meters can be berthed in these two terminals.

Terminal Information

BerthsMagathufaalan: Length 101.3 meters, water draught 9.0 meters - Eastern lighterage Berth: draught 3.5 meters - Western Lighterage Berth: draught 3.5 meters
Storage AreaOpen storage of 21700 m2 Covered warehouse of 2900 m2
Reefer plugs80 Plug points for Reefer containers
CargoAll types of cargo handled at berth except dry bulk cargo, liquefied petroleum, and gases. Dock density 1026 maximum temperature 33 degrees C.
Cargo Working Hours24 Hours
Port Holidays1st Day of Muhrram (Islamic New Year) 1st Day of Ramazaan (Islamic Calendar) Fithr Eid Day (Islamic Calendar) Hajj Day (Islamic Calendar) Al’h’aa Eid Day (Islamic Calendar) 1st Day of Rabee’ul Awwal (Islamic Calendar) National Day 12th Day of Rabee’ul Awwal (Islamic Calendar) Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday 26 July (Independence Day) 11 November (Republic Day)
Mobile CranesCapacityForkliftsCapacity
4 Units25 t3 Units3 t
5 Units30 t15 Units4 t
1 Unit40 t1 Unit12 t
1 Unit160 t1 Unit13 t
2 Units25 t
Container Reach StackersCapacityContainer Barge HandlersCapacity
3 Units45 t3 Units45 t
Trailers and TractorsCapacityRTGCapacity
2 Trailers (20’)40 t2 Units40 t
3 Trailers (40’)
4 Tractors40 t
Marine Crafts
TugsCapacityHatch BargesCapacity
1 Tug Veeru BP8 t2 Units200 t
1 Tug Veeru-2 BP12 t4 Units150 t
1 Tug Ox BP4 t
Flat Top BargesCapacityPilot BoatCapacity
4 Units300 t1 Unit400 hp
1 Unit600 t
Ballast and slopsShips are prohibited from discharging dirty ballast and slop.
Pre-Arrival InformationVessels arriving Male’ port should report Harbour Control on VHF Ch 10 Two hours prior to arrival at the pilot boarding ground for their arrival information. The Harbour Control will provide all the information regarding vessel’s arrival.
Notice of ETA must be sent to the following authorities 12 hours prior to arrival through the local Agents.Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) Maldives Customs Service Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) Port Health Section. Department of Immigration and Emigration
The following particulars shall be notified to the concerned authorities:Name of vessel: IMO No. Call sign. Flag Name of Master and nationality: Name of the local agent: Name of vessel owner: Last port of call and next port of call: Type of vessel /Call sign Port of Registry and number: DWT/ GT / NT: LOA and max draft: Details of dangerous cargo on board for Male: ETA Male: Cargo for the discharge: Air draft: Validity of International Ship Security Certificate:
Documents required:
Maldives Ports Limited1 Copy of Arrival Departure form 1 Copy of Crew and Passenger List 3 Sets of cargo manifest with 2 sets of B/L copies (including Transit cargo if any) 2 Stowage Plans Dangerous cargo list (if any) Container Bay plan Container list for Unloading / Loading (if any) Container loading Bay plan
Maldives Customs ServiceLast Port Clearance Certificate 1 Copy of Bonded Store List 1 Copy of Cargo Manifest 1 Crew and Passenger List 1 Copy of “Nil” Declaration of Animals, Plants, Arms, etc.
Port Health1 Copy of Maritime Declaration of Health 1 Copy of Crew & Passenger List 1 Copy of Manifest for vessels arriving from India and Sri Lanka Yellow Fever Vaccination list (Only if the vessel called at a yellow fever area during last 30 days
Department of Immigration and Emigration1 Copy of Crew and passenger List Pass Ports or Seaman’s Books (crew CDC) of each person.
Coast GuardCopy of Crew & passenger list Cargo manifest including Transit Cargo 1 Arms and ammunition List * Any Arms and Ammunition should be declared and handed over to Coast Guard which will be placed on board before sailing
Harbour Control10 / 16+960-3008922+960-3039402
Pilots10 / 16+960-3039 414 – Cap. Hussain Faisal
+960-3039 407 – Cap. Ahmed Muaz
+960-3039 416 – Cap. Abdulla Zaid
Coastguard16+960-332 3431+960-331 5244
Tugs & Towage11+960-330 7668+960-330 9949
Terminal Operators11+960-332 7102+960-332 5237
Stevedores11+960-331 7482+960-332 5237
Port Health Section+960-332 3963+960-332 1924

Customs and Immigration

Maldives Customs and Port Immigration are located within close proximity to Male’ Commercial Harbour.

The following is a notification issued by Maldives Customs Service to vessels calling at Male’ Commercial Harbour.– All ships are requested to submit a port clearance, cargo manifests, passenger and crew lists and any other relevant documents. – Departure time should be notified and Port Clearance should be obtained before leaving the Male’ Commercial Harbour. – All visitors, ships officers, crew, and passengers are requested to use the jetty at Male’ Commercial Harbour when embarking or disembarking the island of Male’
CUSTOMS ALLOWANCES: Items of total value not exceeding MRF. 6000.00 will be exempted, excluding wine, spirits, etc., for each crew member.
Prohibited Items
Following is a list of items that are prohibited to bring to Maldives (except for the use of the state):– Any type of gunpowder – Weapons of War – Intoxicants and other illegal drugs
Articles carried by foreign distinguished personnel signifying their ranks, titles or honors and other items carried in connection with such ranks, titles, or honors by those who accompany such distinguished guests shall be exception to this rule.
Following are prohibited to import without a permit from the concerned Authorities (except for the use of the state):– All forms of poisons and sulfuric acid – Nitrates – Dangerous animals – Alcoholic drinks – Dogs – Pigs and pork – Statues used for worship
Following are totally prohibited items to import to Maldives.– Phonograph materials
Note: In addition to items stipulated in this regulation the Head of Maldives Customs Service can withhold any items, the import of which in his opinion shall be prohibited and bring the matter to the notice of the Ministry of Trade and Industries. The final settlement will be in accordance with the decisions of the Ministry of Trade and Industries.